Our vision

Jointly with our partners we pioneer digital innovation in healthcare. Based on a range of digital health solutions​ like remote patient monitoring and digital biomarkers we help answer some of the world’s most pressing questions in healthcare. We develop at the forefront of digital health, as we move from reactive to proactive medicine.

Our mission

At Noah Labs, our mission is to enable people to live longer and happier lives despite their cardiovascular condition. We utilize advanced technology to deliver personalized and predictive virtual care at home. Backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning, our solution reduces both mortality and morbidity while enabling cost savings for health systems.

Meet the team

Meet the team

Oliver is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded senior care platform Mecasa. He is a guest lecturer in public health, raised funds from the EU, and developed a DIN / ISO standard for healthcare. Oliver holds a Master’s in finance from Copenhagen Business School.

Oliver Weiss,
CEO & Co-Founder
M.Sc. Finance, Copenhagen Business School
Founder of a successful care business
Initiated the first DIN-standard within elderly care in Germany

Marcus is a machine learning expert who programmed cardiac MRI sequences at Harvard Medical School with the technology rolled out across the US. He holds a Master’s in engineering and computer science from Technical University of Munich. Marcus previously worked for various healthcare startups.

Marcus Hott,
CTO & Co-Founder
M.Sc. Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence
Visiting Researcher, Harvard Medical School
Published in cardiovascular journals

Viyan has been a cardiac surgeon at Charité university hospital in Berlin with 10 years of experience and is working with cardiovascular patients daily. Viyan practiced in the UK, US and in Switzerland. On top of her medical education, she recently obtained a Master’s in public health.

Dr. Viyan Sido,
Cardiac Surgeon
Cardiac Surgeon at Charité
Visiting Researcher, Harvard Medical School

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