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Noah Labs joins EIT Health Startups meet Healthcare Providers program

Berlin, Oct 22, 2021
Noah Labs today officially joined EIT Health's flagship program Startups meet Healthcare Providers. The program matches selected startups developing breakthrough healthcare innovation with leading healthcare providers across the EU for co-development. Healthcare providers across Europe move towards patient-focused and integrated healthcare while needing to adhere to financial sustainability. Innovation is increasingly becoming a collaborative endeavor with providers looking for inspiration outside of their own workforce. Noah Labs was selected by Croatian University Hospital of Zagreb Sisters of Charity to improve medication adherence of patients recently released from hospitals. Additional information can be found here: 

Noah Labs founder Oliver Weiss and Marcus Hott (left to right) are excited to join the EIT Health Startups meet Healthcare Providers program.

About EIT Health
The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) is an independent institution of the European Union, founded in 2008 to promote innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Europe. Since 2014, the network initiative has also been active in the field of health in Europe. EIT Health is currently working with around 150 partners from 14 countries in a "public-private partnership" to find solutions to the major healthcare challenges of our time. Leading companies, public institutions, and renowned universities and research institutes are working together with start-ups and SMEs in innovative programs and projects to develop new products and services that promote a sustainable health economy in Europe. The aim is to overcome the strong polarity of the different healthcare systems in Europe in order to open up new resources for established and also young digital companies and to realize their ideas in joint products and services for the European market.

About Noah Labs
At Noah Labs, our vision is to enable people to live longer and happier lives despite their cardiovascular condition. We utilize advanced technology to deliver personalized and predictive virtual care at home. Backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning, our solution reduces both mortality and morbidity while enabling cost savings for health systems. Noah Labs develops an AI-powered health analytics platform that combines smart biosensors, machine learning software, and a mobile app for patients. Through digital biomarkers, the system predicts the onset of medical deterioration in advance of a cardiac event, alerts health care providers accordingly, and guides intervention with drug-based therapy optimization.

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